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We are in the business of innovation. At Fulcrum we believe in the power of company culture and its direct affect on success. Our ongoing mission is to provide an optimum environment for fostering ideas into effective technology solutions for global markets. This requires combining talented people, effective workflows, a focused vision, constant communication, and teamwork. A creative, collaborative culture means we agree and disagree, compliment and critique, teach and learn but most importantly, do. We have an energetic, fast-paced, fun environment that allows every team member an opportunity for growth. In addition to all the coffee you could possibly consume in a day, we offer an outstanding benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and more.

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Interested in working with us? Drop us a line with the following to

  • Why you'd like to work with our team, and why you think you're the ideal fit
  • Send us your GitHub profile as well as your résumé
  • Include links to projects you’ve worked on, or your website / portfolio
  • And we're curious: how do you think building products differs from writing code?

We're looking for a talented, passionate software developer with a knack for building clean, quality software. Everything we do involves maps and data, with a focus on usability and simplicity. We thrive on building amazing mapping tools to help individuals and organizations solve problems. You would be joining a team of motivated engineers, geographers, and designers who spend everyday learning, teaching, and advancing the state of the art in geospatial technology.


  • Front-end web development - The core of your role will be building front-end web tools, so a diverse background of knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other modern tech is critical. Experience with Git and GitHub are huge pluses, especially previous work on open source.
  • Product driven - We build tools to help people solve problems. A focus on the user’s perspective is critical to everything we create.
  • Eye for design - Our bar for design in our products is high, from graphics, to composition, to user experience. Design helps communicate intent and functionality, so it’s always central to our development process.
  • Data structures - Geography is a data-driven discipline, and you need an understanding of relational databases and data structure concepts.
  • Strong communicator and collaborator - You’ll be working with a fast-moving team building new product features everyday, so constant communication is paramount. This includes being an articulate writer, being good at managing and prioritizing your own work, and staying generally “plugged in” to what the company is working on.
  • Self-starter, self-teacher - Our team is made up of driven, largely self-taught engineers. A constant thirst to build your knowledge base is critical. We would also expect to be learning a lot from you.


  • Build and maintain web applications in a Ruby on Rails environment
  • Knowledge of Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, shell scripting, and Git. Beneficial to have an exposure to other languages like Python, PHP, Java, C++, or .NET.
  • Use available project management and communication tools to work with everyone on the team.
  • Other technologies that are beneficial: Backbone.js, node.js, PostGIS, Amazon Web Services infrastructure, haml/sass, coffeescript
  • Help the product team manage requirements and design new product features

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