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Adding Basemaps on iPhone & iPad

How to add offline basemaps directly to your iOS device

To save time and bandwidth, you can add your offline basemaps directly to your iOS device through iTunes using the iTunes File Sharing feature. Adding basemaps through iTunes is a great alternative to having to upload maps through the web app and then download them to your device, especially in cases where wi-fi or connectivity isn’t reliable. iTunes File Sharing is done simply by either dragging or browsing to add the file from your local computer into the Fulcrum Documents library. As you add the file to Fulcrum’s documents list, it will immediately be transferred to the mobile device.

Connect Your Device to Your Computer

Connect your iOS device to your computer, and select it from the sidebar in iTunes. If you have wireless syncing available between iTunes and your devices over Wi-Fi, you can also do this without even needing to connect via USB.

Add Offline Basemap

Select the “Apps” tab, and scroll down to the “File Sharing” section. Select Fulcrum from the list of apps. You’ll see a list of documents contained within Fulcrum, with an “Add” button at the bottom.

Add Button

Click “Add” to browse for your MBTiles file on your computer.

Find MBTiles

Your map will upload to your device right away. Be sure to enable your new basemap in Fulcrum, as well as properly eject your device from iTunes.

Enable Basemap

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