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Data Shares: Enable Share

Learn how to configure permissions and enable a data share for a Fulcrum App.

Getting Ready

This assumes you’ve read the Data Shares Introduction.

Your plan must enable data shares. You must also have an account with the right role/permission to set up data shares.

Enabling a Data Share

For a user with the proper permission, the Data Share tab is available to click on right from app’s dashboard.

Screenshot 1 of 4 to set up a data share.

You can then quickly enable the Data Share, by clicking the button.

Screenshot 2 of 4 to set up a data share.

Select the data format for which you want to view the URLs. Then use the copy-to-clipboard button to be able to easily share the link in email or IM. You can also use the link to download the App’s current dataset to your machine in that format to use locally.

Screenshot 3 of 4 to set up a data share.

Apps with a data share enabled have a green shared label by the app name on the homepage to help them stand out.

Screenshot 4 of 4 to set up a data share.

And you can see which Apps share their data right from the data view.

Screenshot 4 of 5 to set up a data share.

Repeatable Data

If you have Apps that make use of repeatable sections for parent-child data relationships, Fulcrum will generate separate URLs for the child record datasets. When you have a data share enabled on one of these Apps, you’ll see URLs that call out the child data at the end of the URL, as you can see in the screenshot above.

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