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How can I review audio I've collected?

Listening to audio files you’ve collected can be done directly through the Fulcrum app. If you have selected to capture the track of the device while the audio is being captured then the track will be displayed along side the audio player. As you review the audio, the track will show the location of the device when the audio was being recorded.

Fulcrum's audio player

To listen to an audio file navigate to the record and click on it, this will bring up the record data view. Now just click on the audio file inside of the record:

  • Audio metadata: Along the top of the audio you’ll see metadata including start time, current time, length, elapsed time, and the current latitude and longitude.
  • Follow: When enabled the map will stay centered on the device’s location as the audio plays.
  • Track Download: Download the audio’s track file as either a GPX, KML, GeoJSON (line), or GeoJSON (point) formats.

When you export your data, the audio column will contain a direct link to the audio recording inside of Fulcrum.

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