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What does 'Export Changesets' mean?

What does “export changesets” mean? A “changeset” in Fulcrum is a batch of edits to records (creates, updates, or deletes) that are grouped as a single activity within your Fulcrum account. For example, if a mobile user is in the field and creates 3 new records and edits 5 existing records, when that user syncs their device, Fulcrum will store that batch of edits as a changeset containing 8 activities (3 creates, 5 edits).

Changesets can be helpful for troubleshooting activity over time from your field staff. They’re also used in several ways within the Fulcrum web interface for data management (e.g. the activity feed view).

When you select this option during the export process, you’ll see a couple of differences in the resulting data. For one, your data table will include a new column called changeset_id which is used to identify in which changeset that record was most recently touched. You’ll also get an additional file with the name APPNAME_changesets, containing metadata for each changeset activity logged. There’s a wealth of metadata contained here, and it can be extremely useful for finding out more about how your users are using Fulcrum, and for tracking down more info on what was being done in the field and when. Here are the columns contained in the changesets table:

Column Description Example
fulcrum_id Changeset ID b923c298-75ba-42ad-83af-cadb1323cede
closed_at Timestamp of submission 2014-01-14 18:37:34 UTC
number_of_changes Number of total changes 25 records added/changed
application Fulcrum platform for changes Web, iOS, Android
application_version Fulcrum version number 2.5.3
application_build Specific client build number 1369 (specific mobile app build)
device_identifier Unique ID for device Long UUID
device_manufacturer Manufacturer LG, Apple, Samsung, etc.
device_model Device model iPhone 6, Nexus 5, etc.
platform OS type Android, iOS
platform_version OS version number Android 4.4, iOS 8.1, etc.
bounding box Bounding box columns North, south, east, and west extents of edits made
geometry Geometry of bounding box Geometry in well-known text
metadata_json JSON version of metadata Changeset data in JSON format

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