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How can I create custom roles with specific access rights?

The owner, manager, and standard user roles are included as defaults to accommodate common permissions requirements. With custom roles, it’s possible to create your own specific roles and configure the rights you need for your account’s users. The permissions you select will apply from any client used for accessing the system, both web and mobile. To manage roles for your organization, you must be an owner, manager, or have a custom permission with access to create and modify roles.

Adding and Editing Roles

Creating a new role is pretty straightforward. Go to the Settings page and select the Roles tab for your organization. To add a new role, click Add Role button under the custom role list. To edit a role, click ‘Edit’ at the end of the listing. From here you can also designate which role is the default role assigned to new members.

The screen shown below is used to configure your account’s custom roles. Available permissions to features are shown as checkboxes, allowing you to permit granular control to certain capabilities in the account, and then use that role to grant those permissions to one or more users. The permission options have been grouped to help clarify how each option affects the abilities of assigned members. Once you have configured the role permissions, click Save to add it to your account’s custom roles.

Custom role options

Assigning a Custom Role

Roles can be assigned under the member management view (the same page that’s used to add new users).

Setting a user's role

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