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What raw GPS data can be exported?

This option will include raw GPS data captured from the mobile device when the record was created. The latitude and longitude locations are always included when records are exported, but when you choose to export GPS data, this will include:

Value Description
gps_horizontal_accuracy Accuracy of the latitude and longitude in meters
gps_vertical_accuracy Accuracy of the altitude value in meters
gps_speed Speed in meters per second
gps_altitude Altitude data in meters above/below (+/-) sea level
gps_course Course is only recorded if the device is moving and has no relation to how the device is oriented; course is in degrees (0.0-360); if no course can be determined then 0.0 will be returned

It’s worth noting that these GPS parameters will be empty if a record is created using the web interface, as there’s no sensor deriving the location.

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