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Where do I manage and edit member permissions?

As an administrator of an account, you may want to define custom permissions and levels of access to specific apps, projects, and data. To edit or modify a member’s access level, remove someone from the account, or set app permissions, click on Settings from the configuration drop down menu and then select Members from the sidebar options menu.

Members list

Member Permissions

From the member permissions screen, a member can be promoted to manager, demoted to a standard user, or assigned one of your custom roles. Members’ access to apps (and the data within those apps) can be granted or revoked, they can be assigned to Projects or given access to your offline maps.

Note that when revoking a member’s access to an app, the next time that user syncs Fulcrum on their mobile device, that app and its data will be removed from the device. This is intended to provide higher levels of security to control access to apps and data in the event a device was lost, or a user should not be able to access that data.

Member access permissions

Managing from an App

If managers need to assign multiple members to collect data for a specific app, it is best to add the members through the app dashboard. The members tab of the app dashboard page will show a list of all members with access, and allow you to add users who should have access.

App dashboard members

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