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How do I see my data on a map?

Fulcrum’s data view page has a view for visually displaying your data on a map. This view is ideal if you wish to visually see where your records are located on a map.

Through an app’s dashboard view, you can access the data view page by selecting View Data. You can also get to the data view page by clicking one of the View Data buttons right from the homepage. Once you are on the data view page the data is displayed on the map view by default. If the view is changed you can always get back to the map view by clicking on the map icon from the data view selector.

Map view for data visualization

On the map page you can run a full text search against your data using the search bar up top.

There are also several filter options to control what’s displayed:

  • Status
  • Assignment
  • Project

You can also search for place names using the small search button inset in the map. This is where you can also control the map layers visible, either using Fulcrum’s built-in options, or your own custom offline maps.

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