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What kind of EXIF metadata does Fulcrum support for photos?

Fulcrum records EXIF metadata as part of the photo collection process, including geotags for location and other details. When browsing your data in Fulcrum’s web dashboard view, if you click to view a full version of a photo, you’ll see an “Image Data” link in the top left corner. This will display a quick overlay showing the specific kind of photo metadata its using:

Photo EXIF data viewed in Fulcrum on web

Photos in Fulcrum are geotagged independently of the record’s location. If you have many photos attached to a single record that represents something larger (like an entire plot of land), but each photo is taken while walking around the site, you’ll be able to see that photo’s location overlaid with the record’s location (red ring is the photo, blue ring is the record). This is useful for tracking down as much detail as possible about your field-collected data.

If you choose the option to include photos when running an export, you’ll also get a separate data file containing the full metadata table for each photo.

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