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What is record assignment?

You can assign specific records to users within your account. When a record is assigned to someone, only that user, the account manager, owner, or any custom-created role that can assign records or manage roles will be able to view or edit that record. This can be useful for ensuring that each team member gets assigned specific pieces of work, or to ensure that confidential data is only seen by qualified users.

Records can be assigned through the data management view, or by using the import tool to mass-assign many records at once.

Assigning records in the web management data view

Assigning Records Through the Importer

Whether you are importing new data or assigning previously collected data you can use to import tool to quickly assign a large number of records to your organization’s users.

To assign records this way, open up your data in a format you can edit (like Excel or another spreadsheet program) and you’ll see an assigned_to column here containing the email address of the currently assigned user (if the data was not exported from Fulcrum you will need to add this column to the CSV file). Populate the email address of the user to which you want to assign each record, then import (or reimport) the data to mass-assign those data to their respective users.

Mass assignment of Fulcrum data

Read more about how to use the import tool to update existing data.

Enabling/Disabling Record Assignment

Record assignment is disabled by default and can be enabled or disabled from the app dashboard.

When record assignment is disabled for an app, any records that are assigned will have the assignment value removed (set to null).

Warning: Disabling record assignment will allow all users in an app to view and edit all records in the app.

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