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What are Repeatable sections?

Repeatable sections allow you to nest “sub-forms” within a larger form, creating multiple child records that are associated with the parent record. While the data is inside of Fulcrum, child records can be accessed though the main parent record or by selecting the repeatable field from the app dropdown menu on the record view page. When exported, the record id of the parent record serves as the unique id that can be used to link the child records to the main record. Every child record captured can have it’s own unique location and data associated with that record.

Each repeatable record can also have it’s own location, a minimum/maximum number of items (using validation), and has its own create and edit timestamps.

This example shows an app for surveying parks (the parent) and the status of features within them (the children):

Repeatable sections for parent-child data

If you’re looking to import data this type data, please see our guide: Import Data into Repeatable Fields.

Repeatable sections are only available on select plans. Please check out the plans page to see which have access to repeatable fields.

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