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What is SpatialVideo and how does it work?

SpatialVideo field types allow you to record video clips to attach to your records, with logged GPS tracks synchronized to the video. This gives spatial reference to where video was taken, and allows you to review your video on top of other spatial data, imagery, or maps for additional context.

Video Settings

In addition to all of the normal field settings, video fields have two unique options to toggle the audio recording, and to turn off the GPS tracking. When GPS track is enabled, Fulcrum will record a track log, store the camera’s field-of-view direction, and capture the heading and speed (if in motion) for the video clip.

The video’s capture quality can be set directly within the mobile app. It is recommended to use the default video quality unless you have a need to capture higher-quality video. Sync times and file size can be greatly increased using higher video quality settings. Smaller video sizes can be simpler to work with, while still providing high enough quality.

While there is no limit to the length of the video you can record, we recommend to try and keep videos to under a minute in length. Each plan has a fixed amount of media storage space available, and videos count toward your plan’s available storage quota.

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