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Is there a hybrid view for map and table format?

Fulcrum’s data view page has a hybrid view that allows you to display data on split screen view. When the split screen view is enabled, the map is on the top half of the page and a table view on the lower half of the page. This view is ideal when looking at the contents of records contained within the bounds of the map.

Map view for data visualization

On all views, you can run a full text search against your data using the search bar up top.

There are also several filter options to control what’s displayed:

  • Status
  • Assignment
  • Project

You can also search for place names using the small search button inset in the map. This is where you can also control the map layers visible, either using Fulcrum’s built-in options, or your own custom offline maps.

In the table section, on the left side of each row, there’s a plus button that can be pressed to access the action menu for each record for quick access to view, print, or view the edit history:

Action menu for records

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