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What role types are included with the system? What can they do?

There are currently three system-level member roles types included within a Fulcrum account:

  • Standard User
  • Manager
  • Owner

System roles in Fulcrum

Standard Users

Standard user is the default user role. The main responsibility of a standard user is to collect data on the mobile device. Standard users will only have access to apps assigned to them by managers and account owners. If record assignment is being used, standard members will only be able to see records that are either not assigned to any member or records assigned to the individual member.

The permissions of the standard role include:

  • Create Records
  • Edit Records
  • Change Status
  • Change Project
  • Run Reports


Managers have access to the apps that they are given permission to by the owner or another manager. Managers can grant permission to apps and projects that they have been given access to. Mangers can also view all records, even if the records are assigned to other members by using the record assignment functionality.

The permissions for the manager role include everything the Standard user do plus:

  • Manage Members
  • Manage Apps
  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Choice Lists
  • Manage Classification Sets
  • Manage Layers
  • Remove Records
  • Assign Records
  • Import Records
  • Export Records


When you create a new Fulcrum account, you have the Owner role. Your account must have at least one owner, and you can grant owner rights to additional members. Owners have access to everything, including ability to modify the organization settings, subscription information, and create other custom roles.

The permissions for the owner role include everything the manager and standard members can do plus:

  • Manage Subscription
  • Change Organization Profile
  • Manage Roles

Custom Roles

If you want to create a custom role with specific permissions, check out our creating custom roles page.

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