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How can I transfer data between apps?

In order to move data between two apps you must first export the data out of the original app and then import the data into the target app.

NOTES: - If you wish to transfer the photos, as well as the data, you must select to include photos in the export and then import the entire ZIP file that is exported out of Fulcrum. The photo files will be renamed when you import them into the target app. - If you are transferring data with child data captured in repeatable sections, you will need to include both the parent and child files in a single ZIP file when importing the data. - The created and edited timestamps and ‘by’ system fields will be changed to the current timestamp and person importing the data. This is because the system is views this as new records in a new app. - The record history from the pervious app is not transferred when transferring data from one app to another.

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