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Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, & Emergency Management with Fulcrum

Fulcrum is a digital data collection platform for the web, iOS, and Android that allows you to rapidly deploy custom forms and mobile apps for conducting surveys, inventories, and inspections.

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Assess, calculate, and assist.

When disaster strikes, time is critical. The faster you get accurate data back and forth from the disaster area to the emergency assistance stakeholders, the quicker declarations are declared and resources can be deployed.

Assemble teams to maximize effect.

The Fulcrum platform has intelligent conflict prevention so multiple teams of surveyors can use the same app simultaneously without fear of overwriting crucial data. This allows for a larger effective area to be covered, increasing the scale of the relief effort.

Bring your own hardware.

Getting started with Fulcrum is much easier than other enterprise systems that require you to purchase additional hardware. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you already have all you need to get up and running. When you have to put a plan into action in a short amount of time, it's nice to know that whatever you have on hand will work perfectly to get the job done.

Patterns of impact lead to understanding.

Capturing the footprint of a disaster can provide great insight into what events occurred before, during, and after so patterns can be studied for possible future prevention or preparation. With the knowledge gained from each round of data collection, more action can be taken to limit the scale and reach of future events.

Publish your findings, get more help.

The communication of information is paramount when dealing with those in need of assistance. Fulcrum's report generation creates a PDF for project stakeholders to review, creating a workflow that encourages decisive action.

Common Uses

Ok, time to get practical. Let’s take a look at some real-world cases practiced every day by Disaster Relief Workers, Damage Assessment Surveyors, and Disaster Researchers using.

  • Damage Assessments

    Record damage to analyze trends, prioritize repair, and manage the needs of specific sites while maintaining order in the most chaotic environments.

  • Disaster Preparedness Audits

    Inspect assets and infrastructures for hazardous deficiencies and eliminate oversight with customized apps.

  • Shelter Inspections

    Ensure proper care and living conditions through checklist inspections and easy-to-use photo records.

  • Clinic Facility Monitoring

    Clean-up or maintain medical facilities by tracking the condition and needs of clinical sites while monitoring trends for more efficient response.

  • Aid Supply Chain Management

    Monitor supply chains and identify bottlenecks by creating simple maps on which teams can collaborate for faster, more accurate responses to disasters.

  • Household Preparation Surveys

    Monitor the flow of aid supplies, communicate needs with team, and record supply use to eliminate waste and better understand demand.

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