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Fulcrum is a digital data collection platform for the web, iOS, and Android that allows you to rapidly deploy custom forms and mobile apps for conducting surveys, inventories, and inspections.

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Easy to use mobile application.

Fulcrum is simple and straightforward, making it easy to deploy mobile apps to varied field staff or volunteers with minimal training investment. Your team members and participants can spend their time collecting data, rather than learning complex tech.

Build custom, centralized apps.

Account managers and coordinators can create the data collection apps. Field teams collect and sync data on their own, providing a near real-time view of data surveyed from the entire team in a centralized interface.

Open, interoperable formats.

We want your data to be portable, allowing full access to everything collected with Fulcrum. Use our exporting utilities to get your data out in flexible tabular or GIS data formats.

Common Uses

Ok, time to get practical. Let’s take a look at some real-world cases practiced every day by Contractors, Shop Managers, and Construction Site Surveyors using Fulcrum.

  • Daily Progress Reports

    Easily document daily progress and sync daily reports for better team communication and project management.

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    Site Audits & Phase Inspections

    Track even the largest projects from start to finish with pictures or Spatial Video to manage sites efficiently and consistently.

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    Safety Audits

    Inspect work sites and easily document hazards for quick analysis and response to find and fix problems before an accident occurs.

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    Building Inspections

    Record all violations or hazards both spatially and temporally to analyze patterns and stem future problems.

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    HVAC Inspections

    Manage complete HVAC systems by creating simple maps on which teams can collaborate for faster, more accurate inspections.

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    Fire Marshall Surveys

    Inspect any property in any location with offline data collection and sync back later without losing a thing.

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    Equipment Testing & Inspection

    Report on equipment functionality and condition with surveys, photos, or Spatial Video for highly detailed and manageable reports.

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