Integration Services

Our Integration Team is ready to help you hit the ground running with Fulcrum. Whether you are kicking off a field data collection project and need general consulting services, or you're ready to take Fulcrum to the next level by integrating with your enterprise systems, our team of Integration Engineers are standing by.

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Consulting Services

Professional Consulting

  • Let our experienced team recommend best practices for field data collection.
  • We can work with your developers to bring them up to speed on our API.
  • We can help you design your apps for an optimal balance between field efficiency and data integrity.
Custom Reporting Services

Custom Reports

  • Customize your PDF report template to your exact specifications.
  • Add your corporate logo.
  • Rearrange the data layout or tweak the styling to match your design specifications.
Data Wrangling

Data Wrangling

  • We can help import your existing datasets into Fulcrum or work with you to generate choice lists, classification sets, custom base maps, etc.
  • Complex field data collection forms can generate complex data structure exports. Our Integration Engineers are well versed in SQL and GIS and can help make sense of the data you are collecting.
Custom Dashboards

Custom Data Dashboards

  • Transform your raw field data, collected with Fulcrum, into actionable information, easily accessible and consumable by a variety of stakeholders.
  • Interactive maps, tables, and chart visualizations for displaying and analyzing data. Data queries and custom reporting for complete Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Build custom branded, value added solutions on top of the Fulcrum platform.
Workflow Automation

Scripting & Workflow Automation

  • Manual database ETL operations are time consuming and error prone. Let us help you automate these tasks by wiring up your operations with the Fulcrum API.
  • Sync your Fulcrum apps in real-time with your own on-site database or web services such as CARTO, Google Sheets, or ArcGIS Online.
  • Design custom dispatching and alerting modules for complete control over your data cycle.

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