Field Data Collection

Quickly & easily collect data anywhere, anytime with Fulcrum - Build a customizable mobile-friendly form in minutes, and deploy it to your entire team for fast, easy field data collection that saves your work in the cloud for secure, reliable access!

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Collecting data in the field doesn't have to be a pain. With Fulcrum, your team can collect data anywhere, anytime with our app, and your data is securely stored in the cloud for easy access, anytime. Create forms, inspection, audits and more in just minutes with our easy-to-use form builder, and make your field data work for you instantly with automated actions and data events!

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  • Build custom data collection forms - in just minutes without any coding knowledge
  • Easy Storage / Instant Access - Safely & securely store your collected data in the cloud for instant access anytime
  • Offline data collection - No Internet? No Problem! Our app saves a local copy in case on no connectivity.
  • Team based data collection - Distribute your form to your team in seconds for remote data collection
  • Instant updates from the field - See progress in real time
  • Time stamping / Geo tagging - insures your data gets collected in a timely manner, and in the right place
  • Fast Field Reporting - Reports allow you to produce and email professional pdf field reports quickly and easily
  • Properly formatted data immediately available for export in multiple formats (PDF, XLS, Shapefile)
  • Reduction in transcription errors & No lost paperwork