Field Service & Maintenance

Keeping track of work done in the field doesn't have to be a pain. Fulcrum makes it easy to keep tabs on projects and personnel without paperwork.

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Managing a geographically distributed team is far from easy. Tasking assignments, generating status reports, & managing work orders is hard enough, but the paperwork on top of it can be unbearable. Fulcrum makes it easy for you to know what your team is doing anywhere, anytime. Dispatch assignments, create work orders, & generate reports in just one click with Fulcrum!

asset management

Business Segments

  • Vending equipment services - could track sales quantities and revenue return, visualize effectiveness of sales a map
  • Equipment maintenance - printers, washers/dryers, HVAC systems, power generation - dispatch and tracking of work orders to field technicians
  • Public works - municipal public works departments conducting installs/repairs on pavement, street lighting, landscaping, public space amenities (benches, water fountains, etc)

Value Points

  • Keep tabs on which service tech is doing what, reducing paperwork overload and optimizing their service route schedules
  • Save money on operational overhead
  • Reduce equipment downtime by having better insight into failures/repairs, and analyze historical data trends

Technical Features

  • Offline support keeps your service staff productive no matter where they go
  • Generate PDF reports right from your iPad to deliver work order confirmation documents (and the like) to customers right on site, via email
  • Photo and video documentation help you keep excellent records on repairs