Mobile Forms

Build Android and iOS mobile forms in just minutes, with no programming knowledge needed. Fulcrum lets you collect information anywhere, and immediately put it to work for your organization.

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With Fulcrum, companies are switching over from costly paperwork to using mobile forms for fast, accurate data collection anywhere, anytime. By using mobile forms, individuals have access to all of their data, stored safely in the cloud for instant access. If you're looking to speed up your business processes and workflows, ditch the clipboard and turn to Fulcrum for the industry-leading solution to paperwork.

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  • Build powerful mobile forms - in just minutes without any coding knowledge
  • Easy Storage / Instant Access - Safely and securely store your information in the cloud for instant access that information anytime, anywhere
  • Reduction in transcription time and errors / reduced filing paper costs
  • Photos - easily add photos to your forms and capture photos in one easy click
  • Video - capture events as they occur with SpatialVideo, a video format with added GPS points for later analysis
  • Powerful forms logic allows you to take measurements, and make calculations from your data in seconds while remaining easy to use on in the field
  • Time stamping / Geo tagging of photos and records insures you get more accurate data from your team
  • Reports allow you to create and email professional pdf reports to customers and stakeholders the moment your inspection is complete (Custom reports link)
  • Export formats (PDF, XLS, Shapefile)
  • Automation - Pass your information from Fulcrum instantly into other software with our API and webhooks