A Strong Foundation

With a team of GIS analysts, developers, and map designers, we spent 10 years conducting our own field work around the world, building map data using on the ground tools to get the best ground-truthed content for making maps, empowering corporate decision making, and business intelligence. As an outgrowth of our decade of experience in field data collection activity in disconnected environments, we invested in building our own tools for making our work faster and to improve the quality of our data.

Launching Fulcrum

Our technology investment in data collection tools led us to launch Fulcrum in 2011 as a smartphone-based field survey tool for building digital forms, deploying to consumer-grade smart devices, collecting data fully offline, and syncing back to a central cloud-hosted service for mapping and analysis.

Fulcrum Today and Beyond

Since launching Fulcrum 8 years ago, we’ve grown to have customers in over 100 countries, across dozens of industry sectors, and at all scales from individual small business owners to multinational enterprises.