Project Risk Assessment App Template

Use this template to identify hazardous activities with the potential to cause harm in the workplace.

This project risk assessment template can help you identify and manage workplace risks to ensure that projects run smoothly and workers stay safe and productive. The template gives you easy-to-follow steps to complete a comprehensive risk assessment, all while creating a virtual log that can be shared and updated as risk conditions change. Every record is time-stamped and geotagged automatically, so you can verify that the assessment took place at the appropriate location. Workplace hazards can not only cause delays and work stoppages, but threaten the safety of your workforce, so there's no place for the errors and communication lag created by using pen and paper for risk assessments. This risk assessment app template is 100% customizable, so you can download it to your Fulcrum account and make unlimited modifications quickly and easily using our drag and drop builder.
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