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Survey condition of swimming pools and related items like decking, fencing, and gates with our Swimming Pool Inspection App

Swimming pool and spa inspections can provide valuable information to home buyers. This app helps inspectors easily and quickly survey conditions of swimming pool components like: * Fencing * Decking * Gates * Skimmers * Heaters * Pumps * Blowers * Covers * Filters * Timers * Fill Valves * Diving Boards * Slides This app is fully customizable to fit your company's current pool inspection form, and can be used offline in case of no internet signal.
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Reports are fresh and provide more detailed information. I don't miss any reports like I did in the past and I don't have to chase people down later.
Chris Bacchi
Trimat Testing
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One of the big things you can’t really measure is buy-in from employees in the field. People that didn’t want to go away from pen and paper and the old way of doing things now come to us and have ideas for apps.
Sophie Frohmader
Wonderful Orchards
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Fulcrum is, without a doubt, the best thing I've done for my business in regards to cost saving and time efficiency. Support is very good and help, on the rare occasions it's required, is never far away.
Steve Cupitt
Director, Crossroads Rural & Environmental
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