Introducing the Fulcrum Partner Program
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Introducing the Fulcrum Partner Program

Companies across all industries are beginning to understand the value of geospatial data. With the help of our partners, Fulcrum wants to make it easier for these businesses to leverage customized field intelligence solutions.

Fulcrum partners

With more than 23,800 users across 147 countries, Fulcrum is transforming how companies work by streamlining the way they gather, share, and analyze critical information. Fulcrum users are able to capture data from the field more efficiently - saving time, staff hours, and resources - and their collection efforts result in more accurate, complete records.

“Fulcrum partners deliver our platform to their clients to help them improve efficiency, productivity, and communication by providing customized field intelligence solutions that give them valuable insights into their operations,” says Kevin Diamond, Fulcrum Global Channel Manager. “Mobile data collection is experiencing a huge growth as customers see the simplicity in managing geographic data from the field and we understand the important role that our partners play in fulfilling these solutions.”

Partners will receive marketing and sales resources, development and deployment best practices, and technical support from the Fulcrum team.

“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of success from our current partners and how they use Fulcrum as a part of their solution and they were quite instrumental in formulating our partner program,” Kevin says. “We’ve seen steady growth in specific industries such as construction, engineering, telecom and utilities, and in many unique industries where our partners have introduced our platform. The potential for partners using Fulcrum to solve their customers’ problems is limitless and we are looking forward to continuing to invest in, enable and reward our partners.”

Visit our partner page for more information or to apply to become a Fulcrum partner!

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