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Android App Redesign

By The Fulcrum Team
December 23, 2019

We recently updated our Fulcrum Android App UI and UX to facilitate easier navigation within context of your usage of the app. The biggest updates have come in the form of a consistent app toolbar, bottom navigation buttons, and all map controls floating over the map.

Bottom Navigation

bottom navigation

One of the goals of the redesign was to have our app toolbar and bottom navigation sections containing consistent tools for all the apps contexts, e.g. map vs. list view of records. This includes the following app functionality:

  • Sync records
  • Search records
  • Filter records
  • Add records

The biggest change here is the removal of the big blue floating action button that was present in both map and list view contexts. While somewhat of a material anti-pattern to have two large floating action buttons on the map, the bigger design issue was in our scrolling list view. So we moved the add-record functionality to the bottom navigation buttons in the place of the settings button, which returned to its rightful place in the app toolbar. To keep with app context consistency we also add a bottom navigation to child record views. In total, these updates provide a consistent bottom-navigation experience across all our app contexts.

All map controls floating

We have four distinct map controls that have been included with the app toolbar. Some time ago we moved the basemap switcher control to the map and out of the settings panel to provide quicker access to more easily switch your basemaps. Now, with our latest update, we have added the following controls to accompany the basemap switcher control: place search and zoom all records. With the add record floating action button removed we are now left with only map functionality buttons overlaid on the map. Putting all of these features floating over the map allows for simplifying our app toolbar and keeping the context within our bottom navigation bar.

app toolbar and floating map buttons

App toolbar

Here is where we have the fewest changes insomuch as nothing was added to the app toolbar with the exception of the settings. Record search and syncing records are available in the app toolbar with less clutter and changes depending on our app context. This allows us to keep our bottom navigation and app toolbar contexts in place as they do not interact with record filtering.

‍Record filter

Record filters were placed in the bottom navigation bar when we first introduced it. We made significant changes to the UI with the release of custom filters that are worth sharing here. We redesigned the UI/UX to Material full-screen dialog which slides up and down when opening and closing the view. The full-screen dialog covers the screen on phone devices and appears as a floating modal window on tablet form factors.

filter slide animation

The updated Fulcrum app is now live in the Google Play Store. We hope you enjoy this updated functionality and look forward to any feedback you may have!