Comparing Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

March 5, 2018

With so many Bluetooth barcode scanners on the market, I thought it would be helpful to our users to offer a comparison. While Fulcrum can scan barcodes using the onboard phone camera, often users are rapidly scanning many items, in which case it is faster to use an external Bluetooth barcode scanner.

What follows is a comprehensive comparison chart of Bluetooth barcode scanners, all of which work seamlessly with the Fulcrum platform.

First, let’s go over the difference between scan engine codes:

A 1D (or linear) code is the most common type of barcode — the kind found on grocery and other consumer items. Scanners with a 1D in the scan engine column can only read this type of code.

A 2D code uses patterns of squares, dots, hexagons, and other shapes, and can be smaller than a linear code because it holds more data using both vertical and horizontal dimensions — for example, a QR code.

PDF417 is the most commonly used 2D barcode, capable of encoding text, numbers, files, and actual databytes (you’ll find them on driver’s licenses, airplane boarding passes, and delivery packages).

Maker & ModelScan EngineBattery In UseBattery LifeWeightInternal MemoryCost


TaoTronics TT-BS0161D30 hrs1500mAh11.2oz (317g) $66


TaoTronics TT-BS0221D2 Weeks1500mAh9.6oz (272g)2600 codes$67


Inateck BCST-101D+1 Week1500mAh5.29oz (150g)256 KB$70


Teemi TMCT-101D10 days1500mAh4.16oz (117g)256 KB$70


Seesii MJ-28771D5-7 days1100mAh3.9oz (62.4g)512 K$89


Power Rider Mini1D5 days1500mAh3.52oz (100g) $90


Teemi TMSL-501D, 2D, PDF417+1 Week2000mAh10.6oz (300g) $99


Arkscan ES3011D5000 scans350mAh0.9oz (24.6g) $125


Arkscan AS307A1D5,000 scans 0.86oz (24.6g)2 MB$175


Socket Mobile 7Ci1D19 hour2 AAA1.6oz (45.3g) $196


Koamtac KDC2001D1 Week650mAh1.2oz (34g)8 MB$229


Arkscan ES3111D10,000 scans1000mAh2.4oz (70g)2 MB$239

Socket Mobile

Socket Mobile 7Mi1D14 Hour2 AAA17.6oz (498g) $285


Wasp WWS550i1D4,000 scans700mAh5.6oz (160g) $288


Zebra DS6878-SR1D, 2D, PDF417 1000 mAh8.4oz (238g) $309


RACO TK-3488-BT1D, 2D30,000 scans1400 mAh32oz (907g) $325


Zebra CS40701D, 2D, PDF4178,500 scans950 mAh3.28oz (93.2g)512 MB$329


Socket Mobile 7QI1D, 2D5,000 scans1000 mAh1.6oz (45.3g) $358

KDC 300

Koamtac KDC 3001D, 2D10,000,000 scans650mAh1.9oz (54g)8MB$485


Wasp WWS4501D, 2D16 hours950 mAh6.5oz (184g)256 scans$550


Wasp WWS450H1D, 2D16 hours950 mAh39.2oz (1111g)256 scans$599

Want even more information? Here is a chart that drills down further into the differences between these Bluetooth barcode scanners.

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