CAMA Technologies Conference 2016
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CAMA Technologies Conference 2016

Next week I’ll be in Savannah, Georgia for the CAMA Technologies Conference, an event hosted jointly by URISA and the IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers). The conference is an annual gathering of tax assessors, property appraisers, and land information management professionals to gather and discuss the latest in technology around mapping for CAMA (Computer-assisted Mass Appraisal) and GIS professionals.

URISA + IAAO CAMA Conference Savannah

On Tuesday I’ll be co-presenting with Michael Prestridge, Chief Deputy to the Lake County Property Appraiser in central Florida. Our session is called “Technology for Damage Assessment”, and during the talk we’ll cover how Lake County is working with the county emergency management office and using Fulcrum to conduct damage assessments in the field, and how they’re collaborating with other departments to create a fast, efficient, and error-free assessment system.

If you’re attending and interested in talking about data collection process, tools, or Fulcrum best-practices, get in touch.

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