Real-Time Conference Feedback for Global SOF Symposium
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Real-Time Conference Feedback for Global SOF Symposium

On February 24th & 25th, we’ll be trying out a new Fulcrum use case; the app will be the means of submitting real-time feedback at the Global SOF Symposium in St. Pete Beach. The Global Special Operations Forces Foundation is a non-profit organization that advocates for all aspects of Special Operations Forces (SOF). They’re holding this innovative event in order to help identify the challenges that SOF will face in the future and pinpoint critical ways global SOF must interoperate.

The three apps being used for feedback

Sound Off with Fulcrum

We have been working closely with the Global SOF Foundation to plan out these feedback forms. There have been several different versions of these apps as we’ve worked toward developing the best and most user-friendly layout. We ultimately decided to split what could be one feedback form into three apps in order to minimize the amount of time it takes for a user to fill out and submit each record. We included as many choice lists and yes/no fields as possible, with free text responses used only when necessary.

Exit Survey

“Sound Off- Tuesday” and “Sound Off- Wednesday” are for providing comments, topic feedback, photos, and more for keynotes, sessions, SOF slams (quick TED-like talks), and demos. Users will also get the chance to add their unanswered questions. The only difference between these apps are the customizable choice lists; each choice list contains a list of events only for that day. By using the choice lists, users can continue to add new feedback for events they attend throughout the day in the same format each time.

“Sound Off- Exit Survey” focuses on overall conference feedback; it includes questions about the registration process, location, food, facilities, and more. This one is longer than the Tuesday and Wednesday apps, but will only need to be filled out once.

The apps include the option for attendees to scan the QR Codes included on the symposium badges if they would like to put their name on their feedback records. This is a great way to pull in their information without having to type it in every time.

Steve and I will be at the symposium both days to help attendees learn how to use Fulcrum, but we are confident that the “how to” page in the conference agenda will train attendees in no time. We are looking forward to seeing Fulcrum in action at this year’s Global SOF Symposium!

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