Fulcrum Add-in for ArcGIS Desktop

November 13, 2012 by Coleman McCormick

In creating the API for Fulcrum, we wanted to enable developers to build applications and utilities to integrate with the Fulcrum platform, to publish custom apps automatically, write and read geospatial data to and from a Fulcrum account, and to build integration tools to incorporate a user’s field-collected data right into another data management system for doing visualization, analytics, and tracking.

One of the integrations that many users, particularly in the GIS space, have asked for is the ability to bring their Fulcrum data into their ArcGIS workspace to mashup with other data for mapmaking and analysis. Friend-of-the-company David Puckett just released a cool add-in to do exactly that (and it’s even open source).

If you have ArcGIS 10, you can download the add-in here, and install it in within your ArcMap desktop environment with a simple double-click. Once you have it running, you’ll see a couple of new toolbar buttons for pulling down your Fulcrum data into your ArcMap document as a new layer. All you have to do is enter your API key and authenticate, and the add-in does the rest. You’ll see a list of all your Fulcrum apps, and the data contained within each. The data is pulled down from your Fulcrum account into a local geodatabase as a new feature class. It’s a neat and simple way to mash up your field surveyed, up-to-date map data with other shapefiles and layers you already work with in ArcGIS. Data collected in the field that morning can be put into a simple map graphic for a meeting later in the day, giving you near real-time access to field survey results.

To find out more about how the add-in was put together, check out David’s blog on the subject. He goes into pretty good detail on how it works, so if you’re interested, head over to the project page on GitHub and dig in! Also on a related note, check out Arc2Earth’s latest version of Arc2Earth Sync to see the Fulcrum table provider. If you’re looking for a way to easily move data from Fulcrum into an ArcMap feature class, then into another data platform, it’s a fantastic solution, as well.

Thanks again to David from Bright Rain Solutions for building an awesome, useful tool for Fulcrum users.


About the author

Coleman is VP of Product at Spatial Networks, working every day with our customers and our design team to bring better data management capabilities to users.

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