This week we are attending the Institute of Transportation Engineers’s 2015 Annual Meeting, talking with the leaders in civil engineering design, traffic studies, planning, and design about methods for improving the data capture process. Field-based data is critical to get the latest information on transport infrastructure.

ITE 2015 Annual Meeting

Fulcrum is used by transportation authorities and consultants worldwide to collect data about bridges, rail networks, sign inventories, bus networks, and more. For more details on how Fulcrum is being deployed for transportation data collection, take a look at a couple of our case studies:

Railroad crossing inventory in Fulcrum

Reporting dashboard for Century Engineering's railroad crossing inspections project

If you’re at the ITE Annual Meeting this week, find Cory or Alex to find out more about Fulcrum.

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Coleman is VP of Product at Spatial Networks, working every day with our customers and our design team to bring better data management capabilities to users.

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