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Fulcrum Product Update – Global Navigation

November 1, 2019

Fulcrum updates – new and coming soon!

In a recent post we highlighted some new features and usability improvements for Fulcrum as well as some goodies that were just over the horizon. Today we’re happy to release our Global Navigation feature, as well as some other UI improvements and bug fixes.


The most noticeable improvement comes in the form of a new sidebar navigation, coalescing all the major navigation paths into one area. This gives the entire app first-order-retrievability when it comes to higher level navigation, so no more clicking back to the home screen to access other areas of the app.

Our new Global Nav


A running theme through this update is consistency, and the buttons throughout the app were a bit all over the place. We corralled some of the rogue offenders and made sure we designed enough variations to cover all our bases.

Our new Global Nav

Photo Gallery View

We added the ability to view every photo from a single record (including its child records) in a gallery view. This saves a ton of time when trying to troubleshoot issues with records containing a lot of photos.

Our new Global Nav

Some Nitpicks, Bug Fixes, and Layout Enhancements

Since adding the sidebar, the main content area of the app got a boost in screen real estate. In light of this, we adjusted the layout of each screen to make better use of the space and improve the overall usability of the app along the way. We also took the opportunity to fix a few nagging issues that we discovered while working on these updates, making everything a bit more refined.

🙏 Thank You

We hope these improvements will make life a lot easier for our customers. If you haven’t tried Fulcrum yet, now’s the perfect time. Sign up here to start your 14 day free trial.

‍Update July 2022:

My, how time has flown! Check out below to learn about a newer features update – Closed Loop Field Inspections!

Fulcrum’s new capabilities enhance organizations’ ability to close the loop from inspection actions to insights to new actions. Adding to Fulcrum’s best-in-class field inspection management platform, the closed loop functionality provides:

  • Reduced risk through enhanced location intelligence for issues, which provides additional visibility and control of your quality and safety issue resolution processes.
  • Elimination of inspection and remediation task communication gaps through improved notifications that provide reliable, consistent communication.
  • Better inspection management and clarity in the field based on rapid, seamless deployment of the ideal inspection processes for each situation, ranging from simple checklists to advanced apps.

To learn more about Fulcrum’s closed loop model of field inspections, please check out our blog below!

Closing the loop between field inspection and meaningful action