Hey, We’re Bringing the Team Back Together!
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Hey, We’re Bringing the Team Back Together!

After more than a year apart, Fulcrum is merging back into its parent company, Spatial Networks, and bringing the whole team back together!

For anyone unfamiliar with the two companies, we share an office space, kitchen, and a lot of great ideas, so naturally it made sense to unite the two teams together to collaborate on new products, goals, and initiatives.

Fulcrum was born from Spatial Networks (SNI) back in late 2010, as an in-house tool for remote and field data collection. Partners of ours who saw the app early on thought the market would find some great uses for an easy-to-use data collection app. 6 years later, they were right!

During the last few years, we’ve built a significant brand, became a complete SaaS solution, and established a rapidly growing global customer base. And since its release, SNI has always been a user of the Fulcrum platform, reliant on the technology to deliver on geospatial data and analysis products.

Nowadays, we provide thousands of commercial customers around the world with a complete solution for field data collection. In addition to industry-related data collection, Fulcrum has been used to map out landmines in Cambodia, to help save elephants from extinction in Kenya, and to assist outreach workers in helping the homeless in the US.

While nothing will change for our current users, our founder Anthony Quartararo had this to say about the two teams reuniting: “The combined talent & resources of both companies now as a single team with purpose is truly a force multiplier. Making sure our customers, first and foremost, are successful in their respective missions, is what drives us every single day.”

We at Fulcrum are looking forward to new ways of expanding the Fulcrum platform, and helping our colleagues and neighbors at SNI with some of the exciting work they do everyday. The combination of highly intelligent geospatial analysts and the relentless pursuit of high-quality software by our engineering team will prove to be a force for good in the coming years, so stay tuned for some exciting news in the future!

About the author

RJ is the Director of Marketing for SNI. He oversees our advertising, outreach, and marketing operations and programs.

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