The Geography 2050 Symposium in New York, NY
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The Geography 2050 Symposium in New York, NY

This year, fellows of the American Geographical Society, along with policy makers, academics, researchers, and business leaders from across the country will converge in New York City for a yearly conference to discuss and plan for geopolitical issues that the world will face over the next few decades. This fall symposium, called Geography 2050, will be held at Columbia University, November 17th & 18th.

Geo2050 and sustainability

This year’s theme is “Envisioning a Sustainable Planet”, and is focused on preserving the planet for future generations through conservation, restoration and sustainable practices. This is our third year attending the event, after the inaugural show in 2014 on “Mounting an Expedition to the Future” and last year’s symposium on “Exploring the Future in an Urbanized World”.

The effects of climate change are immediately apparent, right here & right now: Stronger hurricanes, more intense forest fires, & more frequent flash floods threaten the very future of our society. If we fail to act and choose to do nothing, we face temperature increases of 3-12 degrees Fahrenheit before the end of the century, leaving our children and grandchildren with a grim & uncertain future.1

Understanding the scope of these problems is crucial, and discussing efforts for environmental protection, restoration, and sustainability must be done early enough so that the measures, policies, and actions can be effective over the long term. Academics have an obligation to share their findings and propose solutions to these large-scale problems. Businesses must be motivated to act ethically and sustainably, without creating externalities that harm and damage the world we live in. Governments must understand how to control pollutants, waste, and population in such a way that permits their citizens and environments to thrive, not merely survive.

The American Geographical Society’s Fall Symposium is designed to gather leading scientists, policymakers, academics, business leaders, and government leaders together to discuss the issues facing our future. For over 160 years, AGS has produced & provided geographical materials, discussions, and advice to business leaders, academics, governments, and even US Presidents. Join us this year, and learn more about how we can conserve, preserve, and protect our natural resources for the next generation of explorers.

Speakers and attendees for the event include:

This year’s Geography2050 Fall Symposium will be held at Columbia University in New York City, November 17-18th.

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