Observations from GEOINT 2013*
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Observations from GEOINT 2013*

The annual GEOINT Symposium, hosted by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, is regarded as “the nation’s preeminent intelligence event”. The 2013 conference, which was originally scheduled for October, was postponed until this spring due to the federal government shutdown last fall.

GEOINT is a big event for the Spatial Networks team, and with this year’s conference being hosted in SNI’s backyard, at the Tampa Convention Center, it was certainly a big to-do. SNI staff from all departments helped to man our amazing booth and showcase our services and products.

This was my first GEOINT Symposium and it is truly a unique event, unlike any other GIS conference I’ve ever been to. While I wasn’t able to attend many of the sessions, I was able to briefly extricate myself from the exhibit hall to help present at the Mobile GEOINT Tradecraft Workshop. We discussed many of the unique aspects and challenges associated with data collection in disconnected, offline, and hostile environments. We fielded questions on GPS accuracy, equipment selection, data security, and more.

Back at the booth, we had the privilege to meet and chat with a diverse group of folks from the intelligence, defense, and homeland security communities, along with other vendors and attendees. The head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Director Long, even found some time to stop by and say hello.

The greatest thing about attending an event like this is the renewed enthusiasm you leave with. There’s nothing quite like spending a few days in sunny Tampa, surrounded by the industry’s top solution providers to get your creative juices flowing.

Be sure to check out Coleman’s post on microsatellites and Daniel’s post on combining field data with remote sensing over on the Spatial Networks blog for additional insights and observations from GEOINT 2013*.

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