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All in with Google Maps

July 17, 2018

Over the past several weeks our Product and Engineering teams have been working hard on transitioning our web mapping engine to the Google Maps JavaScript API. With this complete, we are excited to announce that Fulcrum is now fully leveraging Google Maps across the entire platform!

Google Maps

With reliable, comprehensive geographic data for over 200 countries and territories, Google Maps has 99% coverage of the world. Going all in with the Google Maps Platform enables us to leverage their industry leading suite of data, mapping, routing, and search tools.

‍Google Place Search

With an extensive database of over 100 million places and Google’s renowned search engine, Fulcrum users can now quickly find and incorporate places of interest and addresses into their custom data collection apps. Search for a place, zoom to the location, drop a pin, and begin collecting data at that precise location. Google also powers the Fulcrum Address field type, enabling auto population of addresses via reverse geocoding of the location coordinates captured on mobile.

Google Place Search

Basemap Coverage & Consistency

As the Fulcrum user base continues to grow and expand geographically, the need for global basemap coverage and consistency across the platform has become a top priority. The map used by a field technician to determine the location of a record should match the map used by a manager performing quality control on the web. All Fulcrum users now have access to Google’s standard Streets, Terrain, and Satellite basemaps and you can still add custom map layers for even more detail or localized context.

Basemaps and Layers

Google has set the industry standard for digital mapping detail, cartography, and tooling. For a fascinating, deeper dive into Google Maps data, cartography, and evolution, check out this excellent essay by Justin O’Beirne.

From satellite imagery to on-the-ground Street View capture and building footprints, Google provides the best overall basemaps for adding global location context to your field data collection projects, and we are incredibly excited to roll out this update!