Mapping Graffiti in Berlin
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Mapping Graffiti in Berlin

Berlin is often considered a mecca for graffiti and street artists from around the world. The prevalence of graffiti in what is, by all accounts, a very low-crime, low-poverty city flips common attitudes toward the practice on their ends. The posh Charlottenburg and the punk hub of Kreuzberg are both draws for some of the biggest names in street art despite largely different demographics. Put into a geographical context, the graffiti in Berlin reveals a cultural acquiescence toward the practice and in some areas an aesthetic and artistic regard for the differentiated “street art.”

Berlin graffiti

These kinds of trends are easily identified with photo collection and mapping in Fulcrum. A simple, customized app brings in clean and consistent entries with checklists and/or open fields so collaborating with a team increases efficiency, not inconsistency. Fulcrum’s offline data collection is also crucial in the wifi-dead zone that is Germany.

The inspection checklist capabilities in Fulcrum extend organization and efficiency to any kind of mobile data collection, while the geographical component gives data context. For more on graffiti mapping check out Graffiti Mapper by Spatial Networks, or try your own mobile data collection with a free trial of Fulcrum.

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