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Mobile Filter Enhancements

December 4, 2019

If you are an active Fulcrum user, you’ve probably noticed several usability improvements in our web application over the past few months. We published a product update back in late September highlighting what we’ve been working on and I’m happy to report that in addition to launching Fulcrum Views in October and implementing Global Navigation in early November, we’ve also been quietly working on some mobile updates as well.

Filter improvements

While our front-end developers have been freshening up the web app, our mobile devs have been hard at work on improvements to mobile filtering, including adding the ability to filter on your custom form fields! These custom mobile filters operate very similar to how custom filters work in the record editor on the web. You can build out filter rules by selecting a field, operator, and value(s), and multiple filter rules can be combined with standard filter elements, including Projects, Status, and Users – making it easier to drill down to just the records you need to see.

Since custom filters are comprised of multiple rules, each with defined fields, operators, and values, we also added a convenient toggle switch, making it easy to enable or disable your filter settings without having to delete rules. This allows you to quickly flip between filtered and unfiltered views to verify you’ve got what you need. Additionally, we added a notification badge to the filter button icon, showing the number of filter elements applied. Filters persist with the app on your device and will be available when returning from another app.

Choice Picker

While the custom filter rule builder differs slightly from the web, we’ve added common operators for the various field types, value pick lists for yes/no, choice lists, and classification sets, and native calendar and clock controls for date and time fields. Field and value lists are searchable, making it quick to find your object of interest and any changes to the app structure or record values will be reflected upon change (local) or sync (remote).

These enhancements should really help improve productivity in the field by providing an ad hoc way to generate a list of daily work, high priority inspections, or other scoped views. This is especially useful if you are importing existing data, such as inventory lists or asset locations. We hope you enjoy this new functionality and look forward to any feedback you may have!