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How to Modernize Your Mobile Workforce: The Successful Manager’s Guide [E-book]

July 7, 2020

Businesses around the world are embracing technology — from email to AI — to work better, faster, and smarter. But many companies are still holding on to outdated manual processes for some tasks, even as they engage with advanced tools for others.

For example, your teams might be using drones and augmented reality to conduct inspections and take measurements in the field, but still completing their surveys with a pen and clipboard.

Paperwork wastes time, introduces errors, and limits your visibility into field operations. It’s time to bring your workforce into the 21st century.

But that’s easier said than done. You need a roadmap to help you identify potential obstacles to implementation, choose a solution that works for your organization, and get your team onboard with technology that eliminates busywork, increases productivity, and gives you more visibility into your field operations.

The Successful Manager’s Guide to Modernizing Your Mobile Workforce will help you ask the right questions to avoid wasting time trialing solutions that won’t work, and to get that all-important buy-in from your teams.

Questions like:

What tasks is your team responsible for? Sure, they are probably collecting data, but what are the other elements of their daily routine?

What causes friction and delays in your workflows? Human error and unnecessary complexity often top the list, but there are more to discover.

What are the potential roadblocks to modernizing your workflows? Culture can be one, but you don’t want to disregard aspects of your workplace that keep people safe.

The Successful Manager’s Guide to Modernizing Your Mobile Workforce will help you evaluate your options and empower you to streamline your workflows, improve productivity, and increase accountability — starting right now.