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Another New Feature: Shared Views

July 22, 2020

Data becomes more valuable when you share it. The Fulcrum team is constantly thinking about ways to make it easier for you to share your data widely, but securely.

How to safely share data

Data exports and data shares are two existing ways to do that. Exports are manual, though, and data shares require you to change the URL to get the data you want — and all of the data from the app is available through the share.

So what if you want to provide just a few important fields, while keeping the rest private? What if it makes sense to put the fields out in a different order than it was collected?

Fulcrum’s new Shared Views feature enables you to do just that. When you view records normally, you might start with several records.

Then you can use quick filters…

or custom filters…

and hide or rearrange columns…

…to get just the view you want. Then you share it by clicking the “Save View” button…

…which not only makes it easy for you to find the view again, but also allows you to keep the view private or to share it.

When you share it, you can find and copy the URLs for CSV, JSON, and other formats. Fields that represent media will include links to those media, too, so you can share photos, video, audio, and more. You can test them by plugging the URL into your browser and seeing the result.

Here, you can see a comma-separated values file with titles and data fields. If you saved this file and opened it in Excel, you’d get a perfect copy of the data in the view. (Please note that this is demo data only and doesn’t represent an actual failed inspection.)

We’re excited to make Shared Views available on every plan. There are security issues to consider, though, so we’re restricting the ability to create shared views to the Role of “owner.” If you need to know more, please check out the documentation.