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New website. New workflows. New Fulcrum.

August 20, 2020

Some people will say we’ve changed.

You’ve probably noticed that fulcrumapp.com looks a little different today.

We like it, and we hope you do, too. We think it looks fresh and clean, but — as you know — looks aren’t everything.

OLD (left)        NEW (right)


Beyond the obvious cosmetic changes, we have completely overhauled the Fulcrum website to make it easier for visitors, both new and returning, to quickly understand exactly what they can achieve with our platform.


Fulcrum enables users to:


  • Digitize mobile data collection
  • Deploy new forms, apps, and reports — without code
  • Deliver workflow automation
  • Drive business optimization with unique insights


Our vision is to provide a no-code SaaS platform that empowers our customers to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and manage the risks of their field operations — without relying on IT support.


Here’s what hasn’t changed: 


We still deliver the industry’s most powerful yet user-friendly mobile data collection platform that enables your teams to quickly gather and share accurate, consistent data, whether they have WiFi or cellular service or not.


Our platform still allows users to generate standardized reports straight from the field without coding (or to build sophisticated, customized reports using JavaScript), and to gain unique, location-based insights with automatically geo-tagged records.


Fulcrum continues to provide the functionality, flexibility and versatility that our users have come to rely on. But now, it offers even more.


Today, we’re excited to announce Fulcrum’s new workflow automation capabilities.


This new functionality enables non-developers to build dynamic workflows that give users the ability to to trigger automated actions simply and visually based on the data they collect in the field.


This enhancement will transform the way Fulcrum users manage their mobile teams, allowing them to take a data-driven approach to process improvement.


And it’s available on every Fulcrum plan. Learn more about the new workflow capabilities here!

Update March 2023:

My, how time has flown! We updated our website again to bring an even smoother user experience for visitors, with some features including:

  • Streamlining the customer journey to suit individual industries, roles, and use cases. We’ve made each of these pages a one-stop shop for relevant material, thought leadership pieces, and best practice shares to make each website visit more intuitive and productive.
  • Introducing two new “overlap” categories – Construction Safety and Construction Quality – that reflect Fulcrum’s deep commitment to the construction industry.

For more information on the website update, please check out a blog from Fulcrum CEO Jim Grady – and thanks for continuing with Fulcrum as we grow and evolve!