Announcing Expanded Features & New Pricing Plans
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Announcing Expanded Features & New Pricing Plans

Today, we are announcing changes to our pricing plans by switching from tiered user plans to feature-based plans. Users will now be able to pay a monthly per user rate which will be based on the features they need. Instead of offering advanced features exclusively to larger plans, we are making expanded features available to all of our users, regardless of plan size. In other words, individual users with only one member can now have access to all the advanced features, while large organizations can save money if they don’t require any advanced features.

We are launching three new plans:

Essentials - $18/mo

Standard - $22/mo

Professional - $25/mo

Each plan will continue to offer unlimited apps and unlimited records. If you prefer to keep your existing plan, you will have the option to do so indefinitely. New features, however, will only be available on the new plans.

We have also given users the ability to manually increase the amount of media storage in their account. Organizations now have the ability to increase storage in 20 GB increments.

We made these changes to our plans in order to allow all of our users to gain access to the most powerful features in Fulcrum, without having to have a large team or a large budget. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We value our Fulcrum customers and as we make the effort to improve our product and service, we are always interested in your feedback and input. Thank you for your business and support of Fulcrum.

About the author

Cory is Spatial Networks' Growth Hacker. He works closely with our customers to discover their needs and challenges and coach them on the best ways to use our products to solve those challenges.

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