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Simplifying Data Collection With Choice Lists

August 14, 2020

Choice lists in Fulcrum

Simplifying data collection is easier than ever with choice lists. Choice lists in Fulcrum allow you to create and save custom single- or multiple-choice fields so that you can reuse them across as many apps as you need. Using your choice list saves you a lot of the time while in the field collecting your data since you don’t have to retype the same answer over and over again. For example, if you are collecting data that has several yes/no fields, rather than typing yes or no constantly on your device, you just select it from your choice list.

Multiple Choice Surveys

Also, if there are a few selections that are going to be very common while you are out collecting data, it is a great idea to include that in a choice list. For example, if your project is a fire hydrant inventory, you could preload some common manufacturers as a choice list. That way you don’t have to keep retyping the same manufacturer names every time you add a point.

Once you have a choice list, you aren’t necessarily limited to those selections while collecting your data. If you allow ‘other’ you can always add another value while out collecting your data.

Other Selection

You can create a new choice list by selecting ‘+ New Choice List’ and then creating it in the separate builder.This is how you would make a choice list if you are planning on using it in more than one app. Or, if you are creating a choice list that is specific to one app, just add the choices under a ‘single choice’ or ‘multiple choice’ field type while building your app.

This feature can make your life so much easier while collecting data. Be sure to use them in your apps or import an app from the gallery and check out some of the choice lists that have already been built.