How to Use a Thermal Camera with Fulcrum
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How to Use a Thermal Camera with Fulcrum

Like many of our customers, you may be an owner of a small contracting business, and you are most likely trying to constantly make your customers happy while trying to reduce costs at the same time. Making a good impression on the customer is important. A new product recently hit the market that many contracting small businesses may not be aware of as of yet. It is the FLIR ONE, a mobile phone thermal camera for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. FLIR ONE runs for $250, and I found it extremely user friendly.

I bought one at the local Apple Store to try out. Here are several ways that small business owners could use FLIR ONE. I’ll show how, when combined with Fulcrum, one can really help and impress customers. FLIR ONE would be of the most value to contracting-type businesses such as home inspectors, realtors, private/commercial contractors, and plumbers.

What is the FLIR ONE?

The FLIR ONE is a thermal camera that fits in your pocket and runs for a fraction of the price of stand alone thermal cameras, which can cost approximately $500 to $2,000. The low price and the ability to capture saved images on your smartphone (which can be used later in bid proposals and job recording) are what make the FLIR ONE such a great tool.

FLIR ONE example

Fulcrum Integration

If you are already using Fulcrum, then you know how easy it is to generate instant reports for customers. If you’re already generating reports for customers, it is now possible to include thermal inspection images in your customer reports. The FLIR ONE thermal camera functions just like the internal phone camera except it picks up heat signatures and measures temperature. Just save your images, and when using Fulcrum, save the thermal images for later use in your project bid, inspection reports, documentation reports, etc.

Use Cases

  • Realtor property reviews
  • Water heater and furnace inspections
  • Find heat dissipation around windows and insulation
  • Identify moisture build-up the naked eye cannot see


  • Locate water leaks
  • Trace water damage
  • Identify electrical shorts
  • Check radiant floor heating
  • Find insects and rodents in walls/attics


  • See pipes behind walls and under floors
  • Locate leaks or blockages without cutting scout holes
  • Capture images/video and instantly communicate issues to a remote client

Custom Report Building

We often find that customers have a well polished customer report that they’ve been using for years. However, they don’t like how long it takes to create these reports on their computer. This often involves taking photos with the client, downloading them to your computer, downloading them from your thermal camera, inserting them on a word document and printing the completed report. In Contrast, Fulcrum offers custom report building starting at $1000. You provide us with your report template that you already use, and we will merge that with your Fulcrum app. The result is an instant report generation that you can instantly email to the customer on the job site.

FLIR ONE reporting

About the author

Cory is Spatial Networks' Growth Hacker. He works closely with our customers to discover their needs and challenges and coach them on the best ways to use our products to solve those challenges.

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