Track What's Happening at GeCo in the Rockies 2014
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Track What's Happening at GeCo in the Rockies 2014

I’ll be at GeCo in the Rockies 2014 this week. There are a lot of events scheduled this week, from workshops to presentations and social gatherings. I wanted a way to keep track of all that’s going on and what I think of it, as well as share that with my co-workers and other conference attendees. I built a web app to do just that, and you can use it too!

Geco in the Rockies

Visit the site from your mobile device or laptop to track what’s happening. Add new happenings yourself, and check out what’s happening with others around you. You can also sign up for SMS and/or email updates when someone posts a new happening. Keep up to date with what’s going on, as soon as someone posts it.

The app is built on top of Fulcrum, as well as BootLeaf and Rogen. It uses the Fulcrum API to track the happenings and who’s subscribed to alerts. Our Fulcrum Webhooks kick off the SMS and email alerts. It’s a perfect example of how you can build on top of Fulcrum to do anything you want.

You can even check out the source code for the web site, the SMS alerts, and the email alerts.

Be sure to give it a try, and let me know what you think in person or on Twitter! I’ll be enhancing the site throughout the week to make it easier to use, so check back often.

If you sign up for alerts, don’t worry, the emails and phone numbers are only used for this web app, and I’ll delete them all at the end of the week.

About the author

Kyle served as a software engineer with Fulcrum, and worked with our web and backend platform.

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