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The leading digital data collection platform is now in the palm of your hand. With Fulcrum, you can rapidly deploy custom forms and mobile apps to field teams for conducting safety inspections, equipment inventories, surveys and reports.

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  • Aspect Consulting
  • BECA
  • CH3M
  • Kimley Horn
  • Opus
  • SMEC
  • TRC
  • ICF
  • Century Engineering

Powerful Features to Make Your Job Easier

  • Rapid Results = Happy Clients.

    All your project history can be captured and evaluated so your working process will be as streamlined and thorough as possible.

  • Easy Safety Management.

    Issues shared in real-time. Give management the analytics to make smart decisions. Identify safety concerns before they are a problem.

  • It's Important to be Flexible.

    Fulcrum is available for export in numerous formats including Excel, Shapefile, File Geodatabase, KML, CSV, SpatiaLite, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and GeoJSON.

  • Instant Quality Control.

    Instant syncing means instant quality assurance from the field to the office. Fulcrum empowers you to cross check work as it's completed, tightening up project timelines and letting you ship faster than ever before.

How Can Fulcrum Help You?

After giving Fulcrum a try, many companies in the architecture, engineering, & design industries increased their rate of productivity while decreasing the man-power required to execute projects in the field. Take a look at few examples and you’ll get a feel for how Fulcrum is making a big impact for companies just like yours.

Delivering Quality for Customers

The Rodriguez team used Fulcrum to store, manage, and collect hydrant location, photos and attributes. They were able to deliver all of this information to the client via a user-friendly interface that allowed decision makers to view hydrant locations, attributes, and digital photos all from one system.

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Enhance Your Engineering Processes

Fulcrum provided SMEC's team with an all-in-one mobile solution with a wide range of features that go far beyond simple data collection. So far they have created over 95 custom Apps in Fulcrum to collect over 20,000 assets for dozens of projects within South Africa.

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Features for Any Application, Fulcrum Has Endless Potential

  • barcode scanning Barcode Scanning
  • video capture Video Capture
  • audio recording Audio Recording
  • Zapier integration Zapier Integration
  • calculation capability Calculation Capability
  • record history Record History
  • capture signature Capture Signatures
  • field report generation Field Report Generation

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