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Fulcrum for Water & Sewer

Fulcrum is the the industry leading digital data collection app for the web, Android, and iOS. Fulcrum allows you to quickly deploy customizable forms to the field for conducting utility inspections, culvert inventories, and much more.

Sewer and Water Data collection for iPhone iPad Android
  • AKRF
  • BGEO
  • Denver Water
  • Watershed
  • Freshwater Trust
  • Northwater Consulting
  • Wellington Water
  • Scottis Water
  • Stormwater Consulting
  • Wannonwater
  • Wright Pierce
  • Epitome Consulting

Powerful Features to Make Your Job Easier

  • No internet, no problem

    Our mobile platform also works 100% offline. Gather data in remote areas where no wireless network is available, and still use all of our great data collection features.

  • Rapid information gathering

    No more waiting for reports form the field. The faster you can equip your field team with a newly-created form, the sooner they get answers for stakeholders and management.

  • Geotagged photos and videos

    SpatialVideo lets water and sewer professionals accomplish their goals in a fraction of the time using GPS-tracked video clips, leading to quicker data collection and in greater detail.

  • Increase your accuracy

    Fulcrum easily integrates with most 3rd-party external GPS devices giving you the same precise levels of accuracy.

How Can Fulcrum Help You?

After giving Fulcrum a try, many companies in the water, sewer, and utility industries improved their productivity while decreasing the man-power required to execute projects in the field. Take a look a few examples and you’ll get a feel for how Fulcrum is making a big impact for companies just like yours.

Delivering Quality for Customers

The Rodriguez team used Fulcrum to store, manage, and collect hydrant location, photos and attributes. They were able to deliver all of this information to the client via a user-friendly interface that allowed decision makers to view hydrant locations, attributes, and digital photos all from one system.

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Do More With Your Data

When NestBuilders needed to map out water resources in Sierra Leone, they turned to Fulcrum to build integrated forms that worked in the disconnected environment of Africa. Using a team of data collectors, NestBuilders gathered customer data and mapped out the water network of Freetown in less time and with a lower cost than using and processing stacks of paper forms.

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