Fulcrum & CARTO Integrations: Complementary Technologies

Powerful SQL & map tools to easily visualize, query, & analyze your data

Complementary Technologies


design and deploy custom applications for structured data collection

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visualize, query, analyze your data with powerful SQL, 3rd party integrations, and map API's

A Quick Overview of CARTO

How It All Works

  • CARTO collect
  • Collect data in the field using Fulcrum's smartphone application, with custom-designed survey forms
  • CARTO visualize
  • Sync your live Fulcrum data with CARTO to generate maps and visualizations
  • CARTO publish
  • Publish real-time displays of data as it is collected and updated by your field crews
  • CARTO combine
  • Combine field-collected data with your other GIS content to create map visualizations
  • CARTO monitor and control
  • Build dashboard tools to monitor field service team activity

Syncing Fulcrum With CARTO

Fulcrum data shares with CARTO synced tables

  • Simply copy and paste your GeoJSON data share link into the CARTO New Table dialog

  • Specify hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly sync schedule

  • No coding required

  • Requires paid CARTO plan and Essentials or higher Fulcrum plan

Fulcrum Webhooks with CARTO SQL API

  • Provide your own webhook endpoint to listen for record changes and update your CARTO tables

  • Instantaneous updates

  • Some coding required

  • Can be accomplished on Free CARTO plan

Getting Started Video Tutorial


CARTO is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our world.

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