Real Time Integration With Zapier

Getting your software to trigger an action can be a cumbersome endeavor. Luckily, Zapier does all of the heavy lifting for you. The "this, then that" events connect email, product management, social, and other useful apps with Fulcrum. Through its simple interface you can monitor record creations, status updates, and change in-record assignments.

Ultimately, you can use Zapier to perform actions like sending emails, 3rd party integrations, and SMS alerts with data you collect in the field using Fulcrum.

Learn how to connect your Fulcrum activity with Zaps:

Explore Zapier by creating your own account here. Then check out our quick overview guide to see how to get started.

You need a Fulcrum Small plan or larger to create zaps (or kick the tires with our Free trial). Once you're in, we think you'll find dozens of ways to get more out of using Fulcrum by having the ability to wire it together with other services.

Here are a few examples of things you can do by integrating Fulcrum and Zapier: